Friday, February 26, 2010

Preventing temper from taking off

This week I had to travel for work, and both my outgoing and incoming flights were delayed. When I was returning home, the plane had to return to the gate twice before we boarded another plane!

Before Recovery, I certainly would have worked up these situations, lamenting the “injustice” and “unfairness” of them. I did have a brief flare of temper, but I recognized—and spotted—this as average. I didn’t work it up. I acknowledged that disappointments are part of everyday life, and that flight delays are really trivialities. I did not let my angry or fearful temper to develop into symptoms.

I forgot to endorse myself for handling these situations so well, so I’m endorsing myself now. While other passengers were obviously irritated, I remained cool, calm, and collected. I am so thankful for my Recovery training!


Anonymous said...

Doug, this is a real tribute to your hard work as well as the Recovery method. Thanks for posting such a great story!

James Goodson said...

Keep at it, Doug!

No change comes fast, we all know, you jsut have to stick to the program whatever it is, and eventually (even though it might not be tomorrow) you'll see improvement. It's the same with everything in life.

Jill Green said...

Thanks for this Doug. I too struggle with anger, especially since I've been coping with panic attacks since childhood.
I like what you say about seeing the trivia of things and I agree: most of the stuff I get crazy about is small potatoes. This post helps me put it into perspective. :)