Thursday, August 22, 2013

How Recovery changed my life

I have been blogging since 2008, but many of you may not know my back story. Discovering the teachings of Dr. Abraham Low was a life changer. I recently wrote about my journey with anxiety for You can view the story at


Jim said...

I suffered with your situation for years. I went to doctors, tried all the anti-depressants, took the benzos, had all the thyroid, heart, brain, tests etc., and through it all, my mind just raced faster and faster. My headaches became worse and worse. My sleeping habits went into the toilet and my entire life was numb and I had a whole list of symptoms that just kept getting worse. I couldn't relate to anyone or anything and NOTHING seemed to help. I felt like I was walking through the world, but not actually a part of it... And when all the doctor visits, tests and drugs failed, what did I do? I tried another doctor and did it all over again. This is a terrible cycle that is hard to break....but it is breakable. I finally found the solution..and it wasn't at the doctors office. Almost 4 years ago I started walking 30 minutes a day, taking certain herbal supplements and practicing deep breathing techniques every night. I stopped taking all medication, including OTC. I cleaned up my diet (although I didn't go crazy in this area) but I thought it was important to watch what I was putting into my body. I started thinking about my state of mind differently....since the brain is part of the physical body, I realized that if I was physically in terrible shape, that would affect my brain and my state of mind, confidence, focus, etc. This realization has literally saved my life.

SquintyStudios said...

Have you ever been told this by a friend? I've never been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, but I have experienced it where days I didn't want to even leave my home because I was scared of being outside for some reason. A lot of things circumstantially and I felt that's what lead up to this. I want to hear your opinion on this matter.

Hugo said...

Always good to hear stories of recovery. We all differ in the ways we must face anxiety and the paths are very varied. However, I believe one thing which is present across them all is that drive and motivation required to stand up, not take it any longer and to want to be free. You can read more about this here: Some excellent points well made. Especially agree with numbers 4 and 5, having the positivity and determination to do what is necessary to conquer your fears is a huge part of it. This is something I am passionate about and you can read more about it here: