Sunday, December 28, 2008

Emotional magnifier

I have found that being continously anxious can be an emotional magnifier. Since I'm keyed up all the time, I overreact to situations other people would handle more calmly.

For example, when a friend arrives a half-hour late, most people would find that irritating—but not a huge deal. For me, ever worrying and always "on," the emotion is "amplified," and I make a late arrival much more of an issue than it should be! So calming my anxiety is key to not overreacting in all other aspects of life.


Anonymous said...

Emotionally magnifying is definitely a problem for me that is related to my anxiety. There is sometimes a positive aspect to this if it motivates me to confront an important problem directly, but I always have an emotional and physical price to pay.

Unfortunately because of my overreaction, I often focus primarily negative energy on the situation. I obsess about the issue and I lose sleep and it negatively impacts my health.

How to keep things from being emotionally magnified is definitely my challenge.

Thanks so much for your blog . . .Sally

D said...

Hi, Sally. Yes, we people with anxiety need to find ways to be calmer and think more positively. That's for sure :)