Sunday, October 30, 2011

Handling a triviality

In one of my classes I received a less-than-stellar grade on a group assignment. At first, I began to work myself up. My pulse quickened; my mind raced; and I began to blame myself. I had thought we had done an average, if not above average, job but the professor disagreed.

I remained in temper for several hours. I did spot that to talk it up is to work it up and avoided bringing up my disappointment with others. I avoided apologizing to other group members as excessive apologizing is a form of temper.

I have spotted that my imagination was on fire, and I have been taking steps to practice forced objectivity so I do not dwell on this triviality. I’m endorsing for my efforts.

Before Recovery, I would have called up many people to analyze this grade for hours on end. Now I know better. This is a triviality and not worth working myself up over.


Jane said...

life is just one big triviality, so glad I found recovery :-) love your blog

Doug said...

Hi, Jane. Thank you for your kind comments. Is life really "one big triviality," or instead is life "a collection of trivialities"? Food for thought ;)

Counselor CEUs said...

Love your blog and strategies for coping!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. We just had you first meeting and my husband came away realizing the see not alone. This will help us greatly.