Saturday, January 24, 2009

A so-so week

When I was anxious this week, I thought to myself, I'm OK. I'm a good person. I do a good job. This hasn't been easy to do, but it has helped me to push through the things I need to get done.

Also, about a week ago some OCD behaviors started to creep back, such as with washing the dishes or checking the thermostat (I hate to do the latter!). They haven't gotten too bad yet, and I'm determined to not let these behaviors return.

All in all, it wasn't a bad week. I think I'm not buying into my catastrophic thinking as much, so that is certainly progress!


Blogger with Ocd said...

I'm happy you had a good week! I have to practice my affirmations, too. Mine is usually "I am where I'm supposed to be and I am safe."

Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by and for your words.

I have been living with OCD for a while too and it goes through periods of not being bad at all. I check doors to make sure they are locked.

Anonymous said...

I check the thermostat about ten times a day. It has to be at a certain temp when I leave for work, at night, and during the day - HAS to. If it isn't, I can't sleep.

I have a few mantras: Home is wherever I am. I am safe and very lucky. - and I tell myself, "it's okay" all of the time.

Robert said...

V pleased to see that your affirmations are working. Keep up the good work!

Aey said...

that's good, i am so happy to read your stories.

D said...

Thanks, everybody, for your kind words and support. Despite being anxious, I've done a couple things lately that normally I would have avoided in the past. So that's progress! :)