Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ending self-torture

Living with anxiety is self-torture. We constantly worry, check ourselves, and obsess over some things and, eventually, everything. Well, I'm getting out of the business of this self-torture. I've tired of abusing my mind with these endless thoughts and worries.

Of course, it's not as easy as saying "That's enough!" and Poof! anxiety disappears. But I think resetting our attitude toward ourselves and our mental health is part of our recovery. This hasn't been easy for me, to accept the unknown and the supposed risks. But I have to do it to get better.

This means just doing what I have to do and dealing with the anxiety without letting it overwhelm me. This is scary, and it's difficult. But it's the only real path to recovery I see. Giving these thoughts any more credibility won't help.


Blogger with Ocd said...

You are absolutely right. Giving our thoughts credibility is self-defeating, because each time they recur they increase in strength. I wish you luck!

Blogger with Ocd said...

I forgot--What were you doing the other day that you "normally would avoid?"

Anyway, that's great! Good for you!

Robert said...

Good positive attitude! It's bound to get results!

D said...

Thanks for the support! I can't recall what I did that I normally would avoid. I guess in the end it wasn't important, and maybe that's the point :)