Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Recovery meeting—first impressions

Yesterday I went to my first mental health support group—a Recovery, Inc., meeting. I knew nothing about this organization, although I know a lot about the mental health consumer recovery movement in general.

Recovery, Inc., is based on the work of Abraham A. Low, MD. We listened to the audiotape of one of his lectures, which was kinda difficult to follow because he uses a lot of "fancy" language. But every so often a nugget of knowledge would jump out at me and I'd see how what he was saying applied to my life. Yesterday's meeting focused on "temper" and why it's more important to stay cool and calm than argue with someone over something trivial. Anger certainly exacerbates anxiety, so I found the meeting useful—especially the group discussion after the lecture.

I bought one of Dr. Low's books and intend to read it. The group members were very friendly, so I intend to go back next week. Maybe this is the beginning of something wonderful for me.


Syzygy said...

Doug - I am glad you enjoyed the meeting. I hope you keep going, it takes about 3 meetings to see what is going on then probably 12 to really understand. The beauty of recovery meetings is you really don't have to do anything, just show up, and they will have a good effect on you. Plus they are free.

Doug said...

Thanks, Syzygy. I plan on going back as I found the first meeting helpful. I wonder if Dr. Low's teachings could be made a bit simpler for modern audiences, though. But I'm picking up on the essential points :)

Syzygy said...

Actually his message is very simple. Frequently is his book he refers to how simple his method is and people can't believe in it because it is so simple. Some of the books have older language and he was a MD so of course he used big words sometimes. Just keep going, thats how simple his method is.

chris said...

Doug, could I get your permission to post this posting on our Web site and link to your blog?

Chris Jorgensen
Director of Marketing and Communications
Abraham Low Self-Help Systems

John said...


I, too have found Recovery meetings useful - in fact I would say they changed my life. I searched for most of my life for the answer to my anxieties - in a psych degree in college, grad school in counseling, many, many books, faithful church attendance, and I learned how to self medicate with alcohol until I finally had to give that up. But I did not find peace until I found this system and now I am living the life I never even dreamed of before. Good luck to you!


Doug said...

Chris, go for it! What's the Web address? Syzygy, I'm finding the "panel" discussions in Mental Health through Will-Training very useful and a little humorous, as they harken back to a different time—but the issues for nervous people remain the same. John, thanks for sharing that! You inspire me to continue! Make sure to check back, everybody, as I intend to blog more on my "Recovery" journey.

Evelyn Martha said...

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Anonymous said...

I have used Dr. Low's method for about 15 years and it has served me well. Our group leader moved away and I miss our meetings but still practice the Recovery principles and it has helped me greatly .On occasion,it would be nice to place a mutual aid call to another member but don't know anyone who takes these calls,