Saturday, July 11, 2009

Being patient

I think one of the most difficult aspects of recovering from anxiety is having patience. We want to get better now, so we often look for quick solutions to our chronic problems. But these problems rarely develop overnight and, thus, we can't expect they'll disappear quickly, either.

However, we can take steps to make our short-term situation more tolerable and our long-term outlook brighter. For example, my Recovery group leader emphasizes the importance of reading Mental Health Through Will-Training every day—even just a few sentences. Such constant reinforcement and discipline help us build the foundation for a healthier and less anxious life.

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Nechtan said...

I agree. My constant problem is impatience which is always counter productive where anxiety is concerned. The lack of patience on my part I can now see on hindsight is what keeps tripping me up. Sp bloody ironic that the will to recovery quickly is exactly the thing that prolongs it. It is though very hard to be patient when you see the days you have lost but ultimately it is the best way forward and gives the best chance of not losing more in future.

All the best