Sunday, July 26, 2009

Making mental health a business

It's summer. The sky is sunny; I have a lot of yard projects; and every weekend there's a party somewhere. So finding time to read my Recovery books has been a challenge.

Yet, as my group leader often says, it doesn't matter if you read an entire chapter or just a paragraph—as long as you stay in the daily habit. I do become a little stressed about not finishing a chapter, but really that is quite silly (the "stranger in the brain" talking nonsense).

To make my mental health a business, as Dr. Low said, I really need to find some time to read Mental Health Through Will-Training more often! Hmm, maybe outside. :)


Cliff Brown said...

Hello Doug,

Nice post; if you know about the "stranger in the brain", you have definitely gotten into the books so endorse!

All my best,

Cliff Brown

pasunesainte said...

I find reading Dr. Low is self-reinforcing since it makes me feel so good, but I don't get around to it every day and I think that's average! Cliff's point about endorsing is good. I think this tool might apply: "Blind spot your failures and highlight your gains."

Hua said...

Hi Doug,

This is a great post. I like your group leaders words of wisdom, "it doesn't matter if you read an entire chapter or just a paragraph--as long as you stay in the daily habit." I think that is a great outlook! It is better to focus on the positives rather than the negatives :). I'm Hua, the director of Wellsphere's HealthBlogger Network, a network of over 2,000 of the best health writers on the web (including doctors, nurses, healthy living professionals, and expert patients). I think your blog would be a great addition to the Network, and I'd like to invite you to learn more about it and apply to join at Once approved by our Chief Medical Officer, your posts will be republished on Wellsphere where they will be available to over 5 million monthly visitors who come to the site looking for health information and support. There’s no cost and no extra work for you! The HealthBlogger page ( provides details about participation, but if you have any questions please feel free to email me at


Nervous Girl said...

Moving your muscles is also another great way to practice Recovery, especially on a warm, sunny day.

Nervous Girl

Doug said...

Thanks for your comments, everybody! Reading the book definitely helps make the day easier to handle :)

Steven said...

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